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The Dhyanagni Institute of Metaphysics is akin to the pristine and pure Lotus flower, that blooms in spite of the surrounding mud and dirt.

For years the Master, Sri Suryam Mansoon has been crusading against spiritual corruption, rampant in the fields of not just religion, but in Yoga, Meditation, and other spiritual practices as well.

The innocent & unaware are blatantly being exploited physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually in the name of half baked & harmful philosophies passed off as Yoga & related practices.

Students are routinely shortchanged in terms of facilities & infrastructure despite paying through their nose. Substandard facilities are forced on them in the name of Tap & Aparigraha (abstinence), misleading interpretations of true yogic tradition.

On many of his endeavours, when asking people to choose wisely & be associated with an authentic organization with genuine intentions, people responded by requesting him to provide an alternate where they could be assured of their holistic well being.

Thus came into being the Dhyanagni Institute Of Metaphysics, with an intent to impart knowledge as per the sacred traditions of the Adi Yogis, Maharishi Patanjali & the ancient scriptures.

The Dhyanagni Institute Of Metaphysics is committed to teaching the traditional meditative form of Yoga (which is a true union of the mind & body) adapted to the needs of modern day living.

Why Dhyanagni?

The Dhyanagni Institute of Metaphysics provides not just courses & retreats but deep immersion, life changing experiences as enumerated below:

The highlight of the facility is its ambient environment which is extremely high on scenic beauty & conducive to excellent health. The external peace & quiet of the surroundings goes a long way to fostering peace within...Read More

As opposed to many other such institutions, the Dhyanagni Institute is committed to imparting knowledge in its truest form free of all corruption, as prescribed by the ancient scriptures & maharishi Patanjali...Read More

The faculty under the leadership of the Master Sri Suryam Mansoon is a diverse mix, having trained in both the traditional as well as modern streams of yoga & spirituality globally, for thousands of hours. They bring to you the best of both worlds, having international experience, they are masters of their craft and have led hundreds of camps and workshops & successfully created Yoga and Meditation Masters as well as Healers...Read More

Atithi Devo Bhava (Guest Is God)
The Dhyanagni Institute of Yoga & Meditation is a home away from home as here you are welcomed & loved in the true Indian tradition of "ATITHI DEVO BHAV" meaning "GUEST IS GOD"... Read More

Vedic Hospitality
Dhyanagni is not limited to only teaching you yoga, during your stay you are not just a student, instead in true Indian Vedic tradition you are the embodiment of God in the form of a guest. "Atithi Devo Bhava". Every need of yours is taken care of personally from waking up to going to bed. On arrival you are welcomed in authentic Indian tradition & pampered throughout your stay... Read More

Village Tour
Visit local villages. Spend a day with the villagers. Cook with them on mud stoves, stay in mud houses. Go cattle grazing in the mountains with the local people.

Spiritual / Historical Tourism
During your stay at Dhyanagni, you are also taken on a complimentary spiritual tour of all the powerful Shrines & monasteries, along with forts & monuments in the area steeped in history & philosophy. Thus filling you up with good vibes & giving you the benefit of a working holiday... Read More

Exposure to Local Folk Culture, Arts and Cuisine
Also included is hands on experience of local folk culture, arts & cuisine to make your visit memorable. You get to be a part of it completely through village living. ... Read More

Adventure Activities & Camping
While undergoing the yoga courses, the peace & quiet of the surroundings will be given a perfect foil of adrenaline rush through introduction to activities like camping & adventure sports.

Food Therapy / Cooking Classes
At the Dhyanagni Institute Aahaar or food prepared through organic ingredients, infused with love to the chanting of healing mantras is a healing in itself. You are offered complementary cooking classes on how to cook healthy tasty food through ancient (5000 years old) recipes of the rishis & yogis like SATTU etc.

Community Spirit
The whole environment at Dhyanagni is geared toward fostering community spirit. The Institute is also committed to providing a breakthrough to all its students in terms of beginning to understand their purpose & passion, as well as enhancing self worth & self esteem which leads to a harmonic atmosphere where ME translates into WE benefitting society at large.



Dhyanagni India,
(The Institute Of Metaphysics),
V.P.O Gopalpur,Teh.Palampur,
Distt. Kangra, Dharamshala ,
Himachal Pradesh- 176059.

Upper Tapovan,
Near Deccan Valley ,
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

Mail :

Phone : +91-9870255022


Dhyanagni India,
(The Institute Of Metaphysics),
567 Danbury Road, Wilton,
CT 06897,

Mail :

Phone : +91-9870255022

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