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The Master Sri Suryam Mansoon

The Master Sri Suryam Mansoon is a charismatic global leader who has transformed innumerable lives through his powerful transformative teachings & healing.

He is a leader who believes that science & spirituality go hand in hand.

Born into the royal family of Kannauj (the erstwhile capital of Ancient India) Sri Suryam Mansoon is a descendant of Maharaja Anangpal Singh of the Chandravanshi lineage.

He spent his childhood training with the well known Naga Babas of the Naga Akhara.

He further spent his boyhood training under tapasvis & rishis (sages) in the Himalayas. From these sages he learnt the intricacies of yoga in its purest form. Also it was here in the caves of the Himalayas that he discovered the secrets of mysteries & meditation & samadhi under the tutelage of the accomplished yogi Kuhu Baba.

Later he augmented his first hand yogic learning with a university education.

Suryam Ji has researched deeply & extensively on meditation & has stood up against spiritual corruption in the fields of religion & spirituality.

He has travelled extensively, specially to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong & Singapore teaching authentic yoga, meditation, healing and vedic tradition to followers globally.

Suryamji, teaches everyone to be their own guru by finding the light within.

He is an admirer and a propagator of the combined philosophies of Maharishi Patanjali and Mahirishi Charvak.

Suryamji's mission is to rid the world of violence & corruption through creating authentic & ethical yoga & meditation teachers and healers.



Dhyanagni India,
(The Institute Of Metaphysics),
V.P.O Gopalpur,Teh.Palampur,
Distt. Kangra, Dharamshala ,
Himachal Pradesh- 176059.

Upper Tapovan,
Near Deccan Valley ,
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

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Phone : +91-9870255022


Dhyanagni India,
(The Institute Of Metaphysics),
567 Danbury Road, Wilton,
CT 06897,

Mail :

Phone : +91-9870255022

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